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Hard-working story with adult themes

Rosebrook Chronicles by Helen J. Christmas, Psychological Noir suspense21st August 2019, By Kindle Customer

This author does not hesitate to tackle some difficult subjects. It’s a great story with an involved cast of characters. The time shifts usually work well although you need to keep on your toes. Well done for a good read.

Important Stories Powerfully Told

1 July 2019, By Joel

The Rosebrook Chronicles is something of an understated masterpiece, weaving together several narrative strands and disparate characters to create an important, powerful work. The characters are deftly drawn, the writing is strong, and the sense of time and place as the tale works its way through the decades is perfectly judged. The complex moral questions around crime, politics, religion and abuse are remarkable well-handled. All in all, an excellent book that’s definitely got me interested in Helen Christmas’ other work.

1 July 2019, By Sue Wise

Another cracker from Helen J Christmas. If you have read her series Same Face Different Place you will see this book tells the remarkable story of three of her characters from that series and their stories which lead them to an enthralling chain of events. I loved Rosebrook Chronicles The Hidden Stories so much. This author has a rare talent for drawing you in and becoming so involved with the characters you just can’t get them out of your mind. It is storytelling at it’s best, and if you haven’t read her previous series I highly recommend you do so. Well done Helen J Christmas.

A character from Rosebrook Chronicles, following the stories of three abused teenagersA deeply thought-provoking piece of work.

6 July 2019, by Ray Green

This book is a prequel to the ‘Same Face Different Place’ series by the same author. It gives a very thought-provoking account of the different ways that childhood abuse can shape the future lives of its victims. The way the author portrays the separate journeys of the principle characters is really engaging and the denouement very satisfying, with all the plot strands pulled together nicely. The character development is very good, providing useful background to some of the characters in the ‘Same Face Different Place’ series. If you haven’t read the books in this series, I would recommend reading this book first; if you have, it still makes a great read, revealing the fascinating back story.

19 July 2019, By Yvonne

I downloaded this on KU. When siblings Peter and Bessie became orphans, they thought they would be looked after. Robin was an intelligent sensitive teenager who wanted to better himself.
As I am writing this review, this story is still affecting me. I love dark reads but I found parts of this book a difficult read and there were times I had to take a break. Saying that this heart-breaking subject matter was written sensitively and I knew that I wanted to finish this story as I wanted to know how their lives worked out.
At the start, each child is introduced separately and you get to know them in fine detail, but as they story continued, I enjoyed how their lives were interwoven with each other. As you read their story, there is no confusion about who the scenes are about.
This story was well researched, with the historical facts running through the book, you really feel as you are following these characters throughout their lives.
Whilst I have not read others from this series, I felt that I had not missed out on anything as reading the author’s bio, this book features lesser-known characters of the series. However, I am now intrigued about the other books in the series and will look out for them to read.
A hard read but I am glad I read it.

Review of Rosebrook Chronicles "A Dark, engrossing Domestic Noir I couldn't put down."A gripping and thought-provoking read

17 July 2019, By thrillergirl

I loved this prequel to the ‘Same Face Different Place’ series, which gives us the back stories of some of the characters. With a sure-footed sense of time and place, the author takes us on an exhilarating journey, examining some challenging moral issues along the way. Her sensitive handling of the long-term effects of childhood abuse is particularly impressive, and she never fails to tap into the depths of her characters’ emotions. The way all the stories weave together was also very satisfying. You do not need to have read the series to enjoy this book, but this thought-provoking prequel is sure to make you want to dive into it.

Rosebrook Chronicles The Hidden Stories

20 July 2019, By Jessica Belmont

Rosebrook Chronicles was a challenging read for me. The subject matter was heart-breaking, and the writing was so well done that there were parts I needed to take a break from. That being said, this book is absolutely incredible. Helen J. Christmas handles this book with care, and draws you in. Though I took breaks, I always came back, needing to know what happened to these people.

I’m having trouble writing this review, because the stories are still on my mind. I loved the way each child was introduced separately, giving us their backgrounds and letting us get to know them. Then, as the story progresses, they become interwoven. This takes incredibly detailed and tight writing to pull off. There wasn’t one second where I was confused about who I was reading, and that is another aspect that makes this such a fantastic book.

Gripping, dark, and emotional, Rosebrook Chronicles is an incredible novel. The sensitive material is handled well, and the stories merge beautifully together. I highly recommend reading this.

*I received a copy of this book as part of a blog tour with Rachel’s Random Resources. All opinions are my own.*

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