What Readers Say About Same Face Different Place

Reviews for Beginnings:

Beginnings FREE book by Helen J. Christmas with over 60 reviewsIncredible Story! 9 Feb 2014 By Marion Kille

I have to say this is one of the best books I have ever read! Not only was it an exciting page turner, it was the most heart-felt love story that will play over and over in my mind. Helen’s writing is descriptive and captivating. Not many stories have such a profound affect on me. I will immediately be downloading the sequel and purchasing the paperback. It is a book to own and treasure.

I loved reading this from start to finish 30 October 2016 By Booklover BEV

I loved reading this from start to finish my first by this author and looking forward to reading more. It leaves you hooked from the start the London crime books are one of my favourites and this author could well follow in the league of Martina Cole and Kimberley chambers. Well done to the author.

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Reviews for Visions:

Customer Reviews for Visions by Helen J. Christmas, psychological thrillerAmazing Thriller!, 14 Oct. 2015, By Anon Anon

Author Helen Christmas knows how to take a reader for a thrilling ride! This is the second book of her series, I highly recommend you read that as well.

Strong warm characters 25 April 2019 By Janet Hardacre

I loved reading this book. At first, I felt that I was missing something because the reader is immediately drawn into the lives of James, his family and friends as if we had already met. The storyline is very intriguing and skips about pulling you in and getting you involved; one-minute having fun, the next frightened and anxious and then plotting revenge with them so that Perry could get his comeuppance. I read it at any chance I could get wanting to find out what happened next. Family life, romance, deception, fraud, drugs all dealt with beautifully.

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Reviews for Pleasures:

Pleasures by Helen J. Christmas, nail biting coming of age thriller set in the 1990s rave culture.Absolutely fantastic book, gripping, 22 Oct. 2015 By Jane

Absolutely fantastic book, gripping, great writing. The characters and story line develop from the previous book, there is such evil and such innocence, impossible to put down.

A gripping, edge of seat read, 6 May 2015 By Amazon Customer

This is the 3rd book in a saga which begins in gangland London in the 1970s and spans 3 decades. This book, like the other 2 does not fail to disappoint. Helen is a skilled writer with attention to fine detail on everything from the landscapes, the weather to human emotions through to her back ground research. Her descriptions of scenes and scenery are very carefully crafted. The book can be read without having first read books 1 & 2 because she skilfully weaves in the background to what is happened. The story builds to an extremely gripping, edge of seat dramatic ending in which you can’t turn the pages fast enough; constantly rooting for the main character Eleanor and her safety. I love the way Helen puts events in their historical context. Eg you learn about the rave and ecstasy scene, the 1987 hurricane and why the devastation was so bad. I hope lots of people will read this book because they are missing out if they don’t.

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Reviews for Retribution Phase 1:

The ongoing story of Eleanor and her family gradually coming to a brilliant climax. 26 June 2017 By Sue

Wow again Helen! The ongoing story of Eleanor and her family gradually coming to a brilliant climax…..The writing and the different characters are superb. Just cannot wait for the last book in the series. Highly Recommended.

A conclusion to the on-going criminal saga, 6 June 2017 By All Things D

A great book which concludes the on-going feud between Eleanor, her family and friends and Ben and his family and the criminal underworld Ben represents.

In this story Peter is under the spotlight when an unwelcome visitor appears and Peter is arrested for something that happened 30 years ago.

Ben is still trying to take revenge on Eleanor and her friends, despite warnings from his mother, Rowena. I love Ben because he’s pure evil!

This book will not disappoint and I highly recommend!

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Retribution by Helen J. Christmas, books 4 and 5 in the thriller series, Same Face Different Place

Reviews for Retribution End Game:

Gripping series of books, 2 August 2019 By Jackie Coe

Having read all four books, I cant wait to start the end phase.
You don’t want the book to end

A thrilling conclusion to a mammoth saga. 21 December 2017 By Ray Green

This book concludes a mammoth 5-book saga spanning four decades and charting a seemingly never-ending feud between the principal character, Eleanor, together with her family, and some truly evil opponents. But the feud does finally end, and in some unexpected ways – no spoilers here, but the denouement was truly gripping. Finally, an extensive epilogue provides a satisfying tying-up of loose ends.

In summary, I can thoroughly recommend this book, but to fully appreciate it, you really need to read the whole series in sequence, so as to properly understand the backstory.

Having now completed such an ambitious project, I wonder what Helen Christmas will come up with next? I can’t wait to find out.

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