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2015 Book Launch

On 13th November 2015, I took to the stage along with 8 other authors at ‘One Big Launch,’ a joint venture at The Pallant Suite, Chichester. This event was for the launch of my latest book, Pleasures. Included below is the video of my presentation and speech.

Inspiration behind the Series

I had always planned to write a conspiracy thriller – as well as the impact on a community. First, I started to think about the characters: an aristocratic family in their beautiful English Country House – a working class family who are plunged into poverty, a community leader and at the heart of the story, a homeless young woman with a tragic past. In Book 1 Beginnings, she is driven out of London by a corrupt police officer, an East End gangster and last of all a sinister politician and his evil side kick. Eleanor and her lover are unsuspectingly drawn into a conspiracy that involves the shocking death of an MP – it is a mystery that rolls across 4 decades from the 1970s to the 2nd millennium. With this in mind, I decided to depict my story as a thriller through the decades. I’ve seen a lot of changes in my life and wanted to inject a little social history to reflect the music and fashion trends, the TV and the political climate of each decade. For example who remembers the 70s? The trade unions, the strikes, the power cuts… how everyone kept a stock of candles in case the lights went out? As for the fashion – we had flares and platform shoes, there were hippies everywhere. The next novel is set in the 80s which was a most interesting decade when it came to political change. The years are notorious for Margaret Thatcher’s government, privatisation, a rise in technology and yuppie culture.

Book 3 Pleasures

The story inches towards the 90s. It is in this part of the series the children grow up and start to develop minds of their own. Like the previous books, I included newsworthy events such as the 1987 hurricane and the Black Monday stock market crash – given that the most evil characters is a stock broker. Most prevalent of all, the younger generation are swept up in a tide of acid house parties and rave culture and as the cover suggests, it is a powerful theme throughout the book. Overriding everything, this story is a continuation of the mystery that began in the 70s. Eleanor starts to discover clues which may prove who was behind the car bomb that murdered the MP. It is described as extremely gripping. And it is a race. Will she unearth the evidence she needs to bring justice to those who deserve it? Or will the evil characters triumph? This book finally culminates in a dramatic trial in the Old Bailey.

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