Book 4 Retribution

Psychological crime thriller; Retribution is a saga of one man’s revenge…


Book 4 – Retribution Phase 1

Book 4 Retribution Phase 1 by Helen J Christmas, Same Face Different Place

“Avenge me,” he whispered evilly. “Make them pay – all of them!”

Ben Hampton has always known he was special. Inspired by his father’s pledge, he has never forgiven his enemies. They thwarted Perry’s mission throughout the decades and now finally, someone is going to pay.

In order to fulfil his ambition, Ben knows he must join the murky criminal underworld of London. Unsure how to proceed, he lashes out indiscriminately: his first victim is the charismatic community leader, Peter Summerville, who he blames for his father’s downfall. Next on the list is the former London gangster, Dominic Theakston, who switched sides. Ben not only wants to pin him for a historic murder in the 70s but is desperate to hold some dominion over him. Only when his reckless plans start to go wrong, he seeks the guidance of his father’s oldest confident, Robin Whaley. Together they unleash a scheme so devastating, it is about to rip the heart out of the community in ways no one could imagine…

One scarred, one blackmailed, one left for dead… It is ultimately the ill-fated heroine of the series, Eleanor, who must face her worst battle. She has spent her whole life fighting against the evils, inspired by Ben’s family, but is she powerful enough to stand up against the sinister dark forces about to engulf the lives of everyone she has left?

Retribution is a saga of one man’s revenge; a chilling story of control, desire and obsession.


Some of the settings in Retribution are based on real places – pictures are of Shoreditch in London (featuring the Ten Bells Pub), a remote railway journey from London and a remote wooded road in rural Kent.

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A great book which concludes the on-going feud between Eleanor, her family and friends and Ben and his family and the criminal underworld Ben represents… | click here to see the review |

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