Nail-biting suspense, combined with a ‘coming of age’ thriller.


Book 3 – Pleasures

Cover image for SAME FACE DIFFERENT PLACE Pleasures, crime thriller set England.

Perry Hampton is a man who is used to the finer pleasures of life: wealth, power, a beautiful wife and mistress and two magnificent properties. His life should be perfect but it is not. His most deadly nemesis lives a few miles away. Her name is Eleanor and she possesses a file, which he truly believes will destroy him.

Eleanor knows who her enemies are. Driven by her quest to prove Perry’s evil, she must to do everything she can to protect and avenge those she loves. So when a trail of clues draws her towards uncovering Perry’s more covert secrets, she cannot resist following them. But his spies are watching her every move.

Can the truth of a historic crime be proved?

Perry will not rest until he can overpower her community. His ruthless campaign includes enlisying the help of old faces, including a senior planning officer and a former London gangster. Perry knows how he can unhinge them – even if it means encouraging his only son to immerse himself into the dark labyrinths of the criminal underground, thereby granting him a dangerous advantage.

As Eleanor’s son, Elijah, is finally drawn into their secrets, so the younger generation inaugurate their own fight. Yet this is the catalyst which sparks a war,  one which will bear deadly consequences where there can only be one winner.




Some of the locations in Pleasures are real places – Pimlico in London, Kronenburg Park, Nijmegan and the Old Bailey (Criminal Court) in London.

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This is the 3rd book in a saga which begins in gangland London in the 1970s and spans 3 decades. This book, like the other 2 does not fail to disappoint. Helen is a skilled writer with attention to fine detail on everything from the landscapes, the weather to human emotions through to her back ground research… | click here to see the review |

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