The Main Characters in Book 1


Sammie Maxwell: charismatic crime boss who runs a part of the criminal underworld in the East End of London and owns the splendid ‘Malibu’ nightclub.

Ollie Chapman: a man secretly employed by Sammie Maxwell, as hired protection, though he has a day job as a mechanic, running a garage as well a car dealership.

Eleanor Chapman: Ollie’s daughter, a naive teenager who has been tucked away at boarding school, with no idea of what has really been going on in her father’s world.

Albert Enfield: British Labour MP whose contentious politics cost him his life.

Jake Jansen: Dutch born musician, member of rock band ‘Free Spirit’, a gentle, carefree hippy who becomes the victim of a sinister conspiracy, when he witnesses a suspicious event shortly before a car bomb device destroys the life of Albert Enfield.

Dominic Theakston: a younger gang leader and arch rival of Sammie, who has already began infiltrating his patch. He is also employed by some as a hired contract killer.

Dan Levy: Dominic’s right hand man – a cold blooded Cockney.

Norman Hargreeves: corrupt police officer seduced by power, who has links with the criminal underworld and is hired by the people in power to end Jake’s life.

Robin Whaley: a ward councillor from Poplar in East London.

Bernard James: a social worker, who works at Toynbee Hall in East London.

Rosemary Merriman and Family: middle-aged caring ‘earth mother’ with 3 teenage children, Luke, Joshua and Alison, who have embraced a hippy lifestyle in their lovely East End house.

A Mysterious Man: (yet to be revealed): he appears in one of the very last scenes – an enigmatic blonde haired politician, who Robin refers to as Perry.