Book 1 Beginnings

A criminal underworld at the heart of which lies a conspiracy…


Book 1 – Beginnings

It is 1972 in the East End of London. 16 year old Eleanor Chapman discovers her Father, Oliver, works in organised crime under the employment of charismatic boss, Sammie Maxwell, but when a turf war forces Oliver to go underground, Eleanor is left behind where she falls into the hands of dangerous people. Whilst she is in captivity, she stumbles across another prisoner – a mysterious musician from Holland. Yet their daring escape, coupled with a terrifying chase across London, places her in even greater danger.

Jake has a contract on his life – he is the one vital witness to a scene leading to the devastating car bomb which claimed the life of a British MP. As he reveals his chilling tale to Eleanor, they begin to realise they have no other choice than to remain in hiding.

As two people, thrown together by fate, they develop feelings for each other; but Jake and Eleanor know they are living on borrowed time, that out there somewhere, a lethal gang leader is hunting them – a man hired by people in power who’s single aim is to end Jake’s life. So can they ever hope to succeed in their escape from London – to discover the new life of freedom which awaits them?


Some locations in this book are purely fictitious though much of the setting was real as shown in these photographs (click to enlarge): Left – Right: Waterloo Station; Nijmegan, Holland (where Jake came from); and Commercial Road, East London. The background is of a park where the chase scene took place, which is in Poplar, East London (see link to extract below).

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I have to say this is one of the best books I have ever read! Not only was it an exciting page turner, it was the most heart-felt love story…. | click here to see the review |

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