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‘Same Face Different Place’ is a series of novels set in England. A passionate saga of love and turmoil which takes place across 4 decades.


Same Face Different Place Book 1 Beginnings by Helen J. Christmas Same Face Different Place Book 2 Visions by Helen J. Christmas Same Face Different Place Book 3 Pleasures by Helen J. Christmas

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Reviews for Beginnings:

Incredible Story! 9 Feb 2014 By Marion Kille

I have to say this is one of the best books I have ever read! Not only was it an exciting page turner, it was the most heart-felt love story that will play over and over in my mind. Helen’s writing is descriptive and captivating. Not many stories have such a profound affect on me. I will immediately be downloading the sequel and purchasing the paperback. It is a book to own and treasure.

Beautifully written thriller with just the right amount of romance! 31 July 2014 By Chloe

I was pulled into this novel by the incredible melodic writing of Helen Christmas, which kept me turning pages – even at times when the pace slowed a bit. I love when reading takes me to faraway places, and felt I was in London during the 70s with this unique group of characters. The first three quarters of Beginnings was a fast read mainly as I immediately attached to naïve Eleanor and couldn’t stop following her woes. Beginnings (Same Face Different Place) is a triumphant tale of emerging female identity, filled with unusual twists you won’t see coming, and highly colorful characters you’ll either love or hate.

Helen Christmas kept me engrossed in her intense philosophical story with its lush, textured world that was populated by a fabulous assortment of well drawn characters.

An enthusiastic five stars for this amazing debut novel. I’m eager to start Book 2 and highly recommend Beginnings to all readers – not just those who enjoy the Y/A genre.

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Reviews for Visions:

A must read! 28 Mar 2014 By vanessa coleman

Absolutely loved this book – in fact I never wanted it to end. It had me on the edge of my seat, never knowing what was round the corner. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

A taut, suspenseful saga, 09 November, 2015 By SKY08

This is a gripping tale of suspense. The dread sets in almost immediately, and deepens as the complexities of the plot unfold. This is the second in a series of thrillers that revolve around the central figure of Eleanor. A woman of firm resolve, faced with tragic loss and almost overwhelming challenges, she has made a life for herself and her son Eli. Her fortitude and courage stands in stark contrast to the self-centered malevolence of Perry Hampton and his family.

Good and evil collide as the two families are brought together by the desperate circumstances of a third family trying to save their home. The Westbourne House, a lovely old mansion turned boutique hotel, on 2000 acres of unblemished countryside, is an apt setting for the battle that ensues. The greedy developer, Perry Hampton, will stop at nothing to defeat the desperate Wells-Barton family hoping to preserve their ancestral estate as an essential part of their lives and the life of the local community.

The author does a wonderful job of conveying the malicious motives and actions of the loathsome Perry Hampton and his disturbed son. She is able to evoke a sense of outrage at the suspense and terror these two men are able to inflict on others. That Eleanor has something on him from an episode in their past, [a story told in Book 1 of this series] makes Perry Hampton all the more ruthless in his pursuit of his ambition to destroy the families that have joined forces against him. How far will the Hamptons go to achieve their aims? Will they succeed in vanquishing Eleanor, the Well-Burton family and others who stand in their way? You’ll have to read this taut, well-written saga to find out. There’s a third book, too, that demands to be read once you’ve begun to pull for Eleanor, her son, and those at her side.

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Reviews for Pleasures:

Absolutely fantastic book, gripping, 22 Oct. 2015 By Jane

Absolutely fantastic book, gripping, great writing. The characters and story line develop from the previous book, there is such evil and such innocence, impossible to put down.

A gripping, edge of seat read, 6 May 2015 By Amazon Customer

This is the 3rd book in a saga which begins in gangland London in the 1970s and spans 3 decades. This book, like the other 2 does not fail to disappoint. Helen is a skilled writer with attention to fine detail on everything from the landscapes, the weather to human emotions through to her back ground research. Her descriptions of scenes and scenery are very carefully crafted. The book can be read without having first read books 1 & 2 because she skilfully weaves in the background to what is happened. The story builds to an extremely gripping, edge of seat dramatic ending in which you can’t turn the pages fast enough; constantly rooting for the main character Eleanor and her safety. I love the way Helen puts events in their historical context. Eg you learn about the rave and ecstasy scene, the 1987 hurricane and why the devastation was so bad. I hope lots of people will read this book because they are missing out if they don’t.

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